Professional Development

Goldy Ventures offers 200+ professional development training workshops that address the needs of workforce development. Whether you need customer services, sales, or dealing with interpersonal conflicts within the workforce, Goldy Ventures will have the right solution for you and your organization. Instructed by industry leaders, our seminars will give you the knowledge and skill to build your career and strengthen your organization.

The Goldy Ventures course development team recognizes the importance of training that meets your specific needs in relation to content, time, delivery method, and learning outcomes. We are ready to design new learning solutions for your organization addressing your issues while respecting the confidentiality of your organization. Our instructional designers can customize the course content to include examples and scenarios that are relevant to your organization to ensure that your training goals are achieved.

Professional Development / Workforce Development

  • Essentials of Project Management
  • Team Building in Today’s Changing Environment
  • Boosting Technicians’ Customer Service Performance
  • Relieving Call Center Burnout
  • Collaborative Communications: Getting the Generations to Work Together
  • Diversity: Fostering Positive Team Connections
  • Ethics in the Global Workplace
  • Making Persuasive Business Presentations
  • Get Paid to Talk: Breaking Into the Voiceover Industry
  • Fundamentals of Successful Sales
  • Essential Communication Skills: Verbal and Nonverbal
  • Working Effectively with Others Using Emotional Intelligence
  • Mediating and Defusing Conflict

Job Hunting

  • Career Change Workshop
  • Finding a Purposeful Career
  • How to Conduct a Job Search While You’re Still Employed
  • How to Create the Perfect Resume in Record Time!
  • Writing Your Resume to Impress
  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Negotiate Your Salary
  • Ten Steps to a Federal Job
  • Unlock the Power of LinkedIn
  • Professional Networking: How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Language Courses

  • Spanish Fundamentals Certificate Program: Spanish I
  • Spanish Fundamentals Certificate Program: Spanish II
  • Spanish Fundamentals Certificate Program: Spanish III Learning Spanish Through Music and Movies
  • Español por la Música – Learning Spanish and it’s Culture through Music
  • American Sign Language Certificate Program: Fundamentals
  • American Sign Language Certificate Program: Intermediate
  • American Sign Language Certificate Program: Advanced

Courses for Entrepreneurs

  • Airbnb -Make extra money–and your guests extra happy!

  • Earn Extra Income with a Side Hustle

  • Build a Nonprofit Organization

  • Ecommerce: Start Your Own Online Business

  • Building a Website using WordPress Certificate Program

  • Become a Notary Public and Start a Profitable Notary Business

  • Certificate Program: Author Your First Book in 30 Days

  • Digital Publishing for Profit

  • You Wrote it, Now Sell it!

  • Essentials of Starting Your Own Business

  • The Principles of Crowdfunding

  • QuickBooks Introduction

  • Become a Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Investing

  • Sell Anything and Everything Online!

  • Introduction to Interior Design

Applications Training

    • Manage Google like a Google-Guru!
    • Advanced Presentation Graphics
    • Cloud Computing
    • Email and Web Security
    • The Essentials of Microsoft Office Certificate: Excel, Word, PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Office Specialist – Word
    • Microsoft Office Specialist – Excel
    • Microsoft Office Specialist – Outlook
    • Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint
    • Learn the Financial Management features of Microsoft Excel
    • Excel: Charts & Graphics
    • OneNote for Modern Notetaking
    • Home Automation with your iPhone/iPad
    • Managing Your Computer and Internet Passwords
    • Outlook, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

    Technical Courses

    • Drone Pilot Licensing Certificate Program
    • Building a Web Site using WordPress Certificate Program
    • Cyber Safety for the Everyday User
    • What is the Metaverse, NFT and Crypto
    • Programming for Beginners – Python

    Soft Skill Development Courses

    • The 12 Bad Habits that Hold Good People Back
    • Conflict Management: How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected When the Pressure’s On
    • Managing Change
    • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills Workshop
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Focus on Excellence
    • Goal Setting
    • Learning How to Manage Stress in the Workplace
    • Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
    • Work with Anyone Anywhere
    • Balancing Work and Life in a Virtual World
    • Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results
    • Managing Emotions In Stressful Times
    • The Eldercare Conversation

    Personal Development

    • Winter Watercolor with Starry Nights
    • Capture Your Life: Digital Phone Photography
    • How to Improve Your Memory
    • Introductory Mediation Skills
    • The Art of Active Listening: Understanding and Being Understood
    • Get Organized and Control the Clutter
    • Attitude Is Your Superpower: Create The Incredible Life You Deserve

    Retirement and Financial Planning

    • How Much Money is Enough Money For Retirement?
    • Retirement Planning: Savvy Social Security Planning
    • Investment 101: Basics to Investing and Building a Diversified
    • Where does all my Money go? I Need a Budget!
    • Estate Planning: Before it is too Late!
    • Preparing to Live on a Fixed Income
    • Repair and Raise Your Credit
    • Planting a Strong Financial Foundation
    • Financial Planning During Transition
    • Math Refresher- Making Numbers Work

    Certification Courses

    Goldy Ventures’ IT Certifications and test prep courses are second to none. Our courses will assist participants in obtaining their certification quickly and efficiently.

    Professional Development

    Whether you need customer services, sales, or dealing with interpersonal conflicts within the workforce, Goldy Ventures will have the right solution for you.

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